Thursday, July 2, 2009

People wearing Kimandra #3 : Lisa and Jonas

Jacket from Kimandra

Bag from Kimandra

Name : lisa mettier aka. gschpænli.

Where are you from: I'm from the mountains, I lived in many different towns in Switzerland. Actually I live in Zurich and Bern

Age: 23

Occupation: graphic design, party-organisation, DJ management, fashionmodel, blogger

Favourite piece in closet: long blazer, tight jeans and hight heels

Some words about fashion: I hate it! It kills all my time and money. I'm addicted.

Favourite Animal: cheetah, cause its thin, fast and cute.

Obsessions: living at my boyfriend's place, good smelling trees at night, comments.

5 things you hate: getting lost, no feedback, to know someone and and be too shy to say hello, beeing late, not knowing the right answer, sexist commercials.

Name: Jonas Hegi
Where are you from: Hamburg/Berlin/Basel/Zürich

Age: 22

Occupation: graphic designer

Favourite piece in closet: sailor jacket and my little birdy

Some words about fashion: Never confuse elegance with snobbery, as Yves Saint Laurent said.

Favourite Animal: lion (simba)

Obsessions: graphics

5 things you hate: boredom, boredom and three times more: boredom!
We love how Lisa and Jonas translate our pieces into there own amazing style, we are honored that they wear Kimandra. What we love even more is that they share a piece that looks just as awesome on both of them. Which is our vision exactly, that clothing shouldn't have any gender boundaries!

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