Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kimandra Clothing & Accessories @ Frau Meise

We are very happy to announce that our clothes can be finally found in the real world as well and are no longer just hidden in our stockrooms until they are being shipped to our customers.
Frau Meise Kaffee und Design Kultur is a new café, boutique and space for expositions in Baden, just a few minutes away from Zurich. The nice location in the old part of the city with its beautiful interior are managed by a super friendly owner. Breakfast is being served all day and you have the opportunity to shop, see art exhibitions and attend events.
We are really excited that a fine selection of our clothes and accessories is being sold at her café and that we got the possibilty to be part of such a great place.

The OPENING EVENT takes place on August 29th, Saturday, starting at 17.00.

If you can't make it then, make sure to stop by another time to try out the breakfast or brunch while enjoying the unique atmosphere! We are also pleased to announce that during the month of September, an exposition is being held with pictures of Kimandra.

for more info click here.

Lots of love


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