Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kostume no1

On the 14th of november Kimandra was featured as the opening brand at the first ever Kostume no 1 event. It was a great event and we are very pleased that so many of you came! For those of you who weren't there, here is what you missed.

Black velvet 3/4 blazer with puff shoulder 110 CHF/ 73€
Size S/M

Feather hairpiece by Ceremoni

Blue and gold shirt 60 CHF/ 40€
Size S

Hairpiece by Ceremoni

Black dress 90 CHF/ 60€
Size S/(M)

Hairpiece by Ceremoni

Black costume pants 75 CHF/ 50€
Size M

Black blazer 120 CHF/ 80€
Size S/M

Necklace with feathers by Ceremoni

Blue highwaisted pants 75 CH/ 50€
Size 34/36

Blue mocka cape.
Soft suede with fur details.
120 CHF/ 89 € / 125 $

Silvery dress with snakeskin pattern 50 CHF/ 33€
Size S

Stocking holders 40 CHF/ 27 €

Blue side-buttoned shirt (Unisex) 75 CHF/ 50€

Cream shirt/ minidress with a chiffon outer layer 85 CHF / 56€
Size S/M/L

Shoes SOLD

Hairpiece by Ceremoni

White half-length shirt, semi-transparent sleeves 40 CHF / 27 €
Size: S/M

Photographer: Pascal Grob

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I love it!!!