Saturday, January 30, 2010

Starless Night - Part 2

Velvet amaranth coloured bodysuit with golden details. In style of one thousand and one nights. Size XS. Price 45CHF / 30€/ 43$.

Purple jeans jacket. Size M/(S). Price 50CHF / 34€ / 48$.Photobucket

Green riding pants. Size S/M (female). Price 60CHF / 40€ / 57$.

Grey pleated skirt (used as a dress). Size M. Price: 40CHF / 27€ / 38$.

Silver Belt.

Brown wildleather jacket. Inside lambwool. Size M/(S). Price 140CHF/ 95€/ 132$.

Green bodysuit for the cold days. Size S(Male)/M(Female). Price: 50CHF / 34€ / 48$.

Photographer: Andrea Serrano.

Models: Kim, Michelle, Affa.


ZY(Zakuro Yugo) said...

Fringe and Bodysuit are Impressive!

Customize t-shirts said...

Well i just wana say that its really an awesome style. I really like it. Thanks for sharing such a nice collection of bodysuits.

Elizabete said...

Love your layout!

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

thanks :)