Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kostume N°2

Kostume N°2 was great, we are very happy with the result. We want to thank all the people that helped and supported us and therefore made it possible to produce the show. Special thanks to all the models, our lovely make up artist, the hair team, the people working backstage, the dj and the organizers.
We were amazed by the amount of people that came, thank you!

Here some first impressions.

The first Kimandra Outfit. Photographer: Paolo Pilat. Model: Sheila.

KOSTUME from Paolo Pilat on Vimeo.

Video by Paolo Pilat.

Styling: Kim Sylwander and Andrea Serrano, Assistant: Kathrin Grossenbacher
Make up: Bianca Bazzell
Hair: Kuhn, Zurich
Music: Evangelos

Labels: Saga Lova, Kimandra, Mia BregarOstblock, Fashionslave, Julia Winkler, Yvy, Claudia Zuber, Starstyling.

Hosted by Lisa & Jonas

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