Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coffee & Strawberries

Photographer: Paolo Pilat
Model: Lisa Mettier

Grey half transparent shirt. (to see a similar shirt click here)
Size: M

Lila short pants (on the picture pleated to make them shorter).
Size: S/M


Second Wind photography said...

Oh love love love!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wunderschönes Bild, es stimmt alles: die Szene, das Outfit und das Model. Einfach, poetisch und wirkungsvoll - ein Kunstwerk.

Courtney said...

I love the shirt. Gorgeous,
the strawberries draw attention to her dark hair and
her flawless complexion.

Bibi.Lili.Sisi said...

saw this picture on lookbook....absolutley gorgeous!

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

thanks a lot <3

Anonymous said...

You're gorgeous!

Kimiya said...

Where can I buy this blouse?

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

@Kimiya you can write us an email on if you want to order something. unfortunatly this blouse has already been sold..
<3 kimandra

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit. From which brand is the shirt?

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

from the swiss brand julietta

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos! Great blog!!!

lifeafterberth said...

stunning photo shoot. Very natural!