Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Stories of V.

Photos: Andrea Serrano
Model: Mikki Leela

Red dress.
60's. Stay in shape material.
Price: 80CHF/ 60€ / 83$.

Black body.
Size: M.
Price: 60 CHF / 45€ / 62$.

Black and brown patterned pants.
Size: S/M
Price: 80 CHF/ 60€ / 83$.


Anonymous said...

I am in love with this black body!

Second Wind photography said...

I agree with Ire, the body is really cool. And Andrea, I tell you each time, but you are getting better and better with the pictures. I love the first one ^^ The model is perfect for this atmosphere.
Great great!

And as always love the outfits, each time original ;)

I don't know if you get my message on fb, anyway, Viola told me she agree to model for Kimandra. For Ju (the model of the last pictures) I can ask her, if you are interested. She's a proper model, but she enjoy modeling for such stuff.

Take care both!!

Leovi said...

I like your blog, is interesting.

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

thanks a lot!

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