Friday, November 12, 2010

Kostume N°3

This Saturday Kimandra was on the catwalk for the 4th time, at Kostume N°3. I was really happy about the result, and really relieved that everything went that well, as this time i was responsible for the styling and the backstage management. The show took place at one of the best possible locations, the very spacious Freitag production hall, that just added a lot to the flair of the whole event. To read more about what happened behind the scene click here.

The idea of the Kimandra collection was to get a clean urban hippie feeling, with soft tones on one hand and on the other some stronger colours to contrast. I wanted to have something light, fun and charming. Hope you like it!

x Andra

Here the pictures of the collection taken by Pascal Grob:

Long patterned skirt. Cotton. No size. Price: 80CHF / 60€ / 83$. Photobucket
Beige shirt with details. Size S/M. Price: 45 CHF / 34 € / 47$.
Shoes from Friis.

Red/orange/yellow patterned cardigan. (Can be worn as a jacket). Wool. Price: 60 CHF / 45€ / 62$.

White patchwork jacket. Linen. Unisex. No size. Price: 75 CHF / 56 € / 78 $.Photobucket
Grey/lila semi transparent harem pants. 40 CHF/ 29€ / 40 $.Photobucket

White long dress. Ball Dress from the 60's. Kimandra's collection (not for sale).
Patterned vest. Kimandra's collection.

Green/grey striped jacket. Linen. Price: 75 CHF / 56 € / 78 $. Photobucket

Black tailcoat. Wool. Size: S/M. Price: 80CHF / 60€ / 83$.
Black/beige patterned pants. Size: S/M. Price: 80CHF/ 60 €/ 83$.

Red long dress. Calvin Klein. Kimandra's collection (not for sale).

Blue turtle neck collar shirt. Size: S. Price: 35CHF/ 26€ /35$.
Purple/gold patterned long skirt. Size: XS/S. Price: 60CHF / 45 € / 62$.Photobucket

Shoes fromFriis.


Second Wind photography said...

congratulation on Kostume n3. I wanted to come, but I was in egypt the whole week!!!!!! :(
But from these pictures I understand that the resluts are great!

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

Don't worry, there will be Kostume N°4 :)
I hope you had a great time in Egypt!
x Andrea