Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kimandra in INK

The Clothing Collection that was in INK Magazine is now up for sale.

Black semi-transparent Blouse.
Size: S/M
Price: 80 CHF / 80$ / 60€

Yellow sweater/jacket.
Size: M.
Price: 60 CHF/ 43€/ 60$.

Dark blue golf shorts. High waisted.
Size: S/M.
Price: 50CHF / 39€ / 50$.

Light grey belt.
Price: 25 CHF / 19€ / 25$.

Red blouse/dress.
Long patterned blouse that can be worn as a dress.
Size: All sizes.
Price: 60 CHF/ 43€/ 60$

Green blouse with flower print.
Size: M.
Price: 60 CHF/ 43€/ 60$.

Photographer: John Troxel
Model: Claudia Vaughan

Published in INK Magazine

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SimuĊĦa said...

Ou, nice black lipstick! I'm in love to you blog, I'm your new follower.
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