Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nudestekker Rucksack

The perfect Rucksack:
Handmade wit a lot of love and devotion. Minimism paired with detail. In 4 different colours - pink, blue, grey and yellow. Each one stamped, numbered and if wished with a fitting wrap skirt in the same tone. For the nude version go on nudestekkers page.

Pi by René Melliger

Kimandra Edition of the Nudestekker Rucksack in blue.
Price: 170CHF / 140€ / 190$.

Long wrap skirt in the same colour tones. Cotton, tailored.
Price: 80CHF / 63€ / 90$.

When both things purchased together): 210 CHF / 173€ / 235$.

For the nude edition visit the nudestekker page.

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