Sunday, November 13, 2011


We love all of our pieces but it is time to make some space for new ones. We are therefore putting up on sale pieces of past collections. Serve yourself!

Black velvet blazer with puff shoulder. 75 CHF / 56 € / 78 $. Size S/M. New Price: 50 CHF / 40€.

Purple/green/ochre coloured silk scarf. Size 1.50m2. New Price: 25 CHF / 17€.

Forest green riding pants. Size S/M.  SOLD
Brown suede pumps.  SOLD

Pink linnen pants. Size S (Can also be worn by girls!). Price: 65 CHF/ 45 EUR/ 60 USD. New Price: 40 CHF / 27€.

Black semi-transparent blouse. SOLD

Checkered wool coat. SOLD

Black lamb boots. Size 38. Price: 60 CHF / 48€.

Tuquoise dress with embroidered details. Hand made, traditional dress from an indigenous ethnic group in MexicoSOLD.

White line dress with brown details from the 70's. SOLD

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