Saturday, May 26, 2012


We have great news to announce: we have a new page! We were very lucky to have Jonas Hegi, a young  exceptional graphic designer from Zurich to do it. Including our typo.

The link is simply KIMANDRA.COM. We divided the page into two main sections; Editorials & Shop. The part of the editorials is product of our collaborations with other creatives and is here to inspire how to wear our vintage pieces. Of course it can serve as a general source of inspiration, reflecting our visions and our sense of style, that can be vintage inspired but doesn't need to reflect the usual "vintage flair". The aim is to give the once been favourite pieces a new context and spirit - reflecting the now.

The second part consists of our shop, where we have the pieces used in the editorials. In that way you have a quick overview of what is still available.

Of course we will also keep you updated on our blog, where we will go on publishing our editorials and post news. If you would like to know more about Kimandra's world follow us on Instagram under the username "kimandra", we post everything we discover. To just get informed about our new shootings and the most important news add us on Facebook or Twitter.

If social media isn't your thing or if you would like to get in touch with us write us an e-mail to (new adress!).

To inaugurate our new page properly we have a new serie Royal Vintage taken by RenĂ© Melliger and styled by Loit Lim. Royal, because all pieces are Chanel and Valentino!

Hope you like it!
Lots of Love

Andrea // Kimandra

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