Monday, November 2, 2015

Cashmere Heaven

In winter I wish I could be completely wrapped in cashmere: it is the most cozy material, it offers a great insulation, and is long lasting. When it is of high quality it becomes softer with age and lasts for a lifetime. 

The scarcity and the collection process of cashmere explain why it is so precious. The fiber is combed from the undercoat of goats (at least three goats are needed to produce a sweater!). The freezing temperatures that reach up to -40 degrees celsius make the goats develop fine under hair, which acts as insulation. For the high quality cashmere long and thin fibers are used. With proper care the garment will maintain its shape and not get fuzzy. In fact it will get softer with each wash. As opposed to that, cheaper quality cashmere is made from short fibers, feels soft but will get fuzzy and loose its shape. A quick test is to rub the palm of the hand on the surface and see if fiber starts rolling into little balls. 

We are therefore especially happy that we got a hold of a whole collection of cashmere pieces that will be available at our next sale on November 14/15. Sweaters, cardigans, bodies,scarfs and more from Scottish and Italian labels like Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana and Balantyne. High-end producers with a long tradition and the necessary know-how to produce life-lasting pieces. 

Instructions about the right care and more info can be found on the cashmere organisation page 

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