Sunday, May 17, 2009


The party for the new HOPEHOPE Magazine Issue was super great! Thank you all for coming!!! There are some first pictures of the event on HOPEHOPE. There you can as well download the Magazine. Have a look at it, there are some amazing editorials and the layout is just perfect! WE LOVE IT!


Zakuro said...

Looks so fun and impressive!!

I wish i was there,,,.

Very Fashionista;)

Olviya said...

the mag is so great!
love it1
i'm so sorry i couldn't be there. thank you very much for the invintation, but i was incred busy with all my staff...
but, i'm thinking to write smth interesting about that (for my blog). so i hope, you can help me with some details)

Anonymous said...

the event was really great. I loved it! Your clothes are so beautiful, I wanted them all. :-)