Monday, June 8, 2009

Apologies for the long break

Von Kimandra for Stella

We want to apologize for this almost eternal break. The good news is that we will do a shooting this wednesday and post the pictures by the end of this week. For now some pictures from a job we did for Stella Pardo, an upcoming ecological brand from Paris. Everything about the brandand and more pictures on
Oh.. and if you want to see the pictures of our last event, have a look on our facebook page.

Von Kimandra for Stella

Von Kimandra for Stella

Von Kimandra for Stella

Photos: Andrea Serrano
Styling: Kim Sylvander
Models: Noƫmi, Camilla


Zakuro said...

These clothes look soft, cute and yes eco-friendly with bold black tights;)

welcome back.


Mirage said...

Models showing some nice poses.The dresses which is wear by the models is really hot.It make attention of every guy when you wear it.I like these cloths.

Olviya said...

good pants (first one)

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

@ olviya

thanks! we teared apart some normal stockings. try it out, its really easy and looks super!