Monday, October 12, 2009

Birds of Paradise october 3rd 2009

The show that took place in Baden on october 3rd was a collaboration between Kimandra Production-Styling and Photography and Frau Meise. The brands shown in the show were all small brands of high quality and design, all promoting the idea of longterm use and sustainable consumption.

Most importantly this was the first time that Kimandra Vintage stepped out onto the catwalk and we are glad to present you with a taste of the show.

Photographer: Luca Casetti

Top: Aleksandra Wisniewska

Kimono: Lilla Rosa
Shoes: Monsieur Dubois

Blazer with front drape: Laend Phuengkit
Pants: Kimandra 65 CHF

Hood: Lilla Rosa
Pants: Laend Phuengkit
Jacket: Kimandra
Shoes: Monsieur Dubois

Coat: Kimandra 120 CHF

Jacket: Kimandra 70 CHF

Shorts: Kimandra
Stay-ups: DIM Paris

Cardigan: Kimandra 75 CHF

Shirt: Kimandra
Stay-ups: DIM Paris

Blazer: Kimandra 120 CHF
Shoes: Monsieur Dubois


Dreamy said...

is there somewhere i view all the looks? atleast the kimandra vintage ones?!

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

dear dreamy, we will be putting up all the pics of our outfits this week, so stay tuned! /Kim and Andrea