Monday, October 5, 2009

Birds of Paradise

Thank you all for coming on Saturday and for making this a very special evening. We want to thank everyone who was involved with the production as well as all our wonderful models.
More pictures coming soon!

Kim & Andrea

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Zakuro Yugo said...

Oh,,,i wished seeing this nice show "Birds of Paradaise" promoted by you!

On the below topic, there are interesting designers.
I like Olivia Estermann's illustration so much.
Good website it was.

About Tim&Puma Mimi's song i commented, exactly, last Japanese words are beautiful.
However, when i saw the music video, i feel a bit sorry for this guy's life.
He spent on every days very well at first but in the end he lost all things except himself.
And this may be the common for everyone.
It may be just the human being's life.
Well, although my this thinking is pessimism, i felt this is "ironic sad story".

Now, i'm just enjoying Paris.