Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nudestekker Rucksack - The Kimandra Edition

We had a wonderful evening yesterday. The food & drinks from ValeFritz where delicious, the music Tina played was awesome, there were good vibes and great people. Thanks a lot .

As announced before we also launched the Kimandra nudestekker rucksack. Handmade with a lot of love by the designer, minims paired with detail (every single bag is stamped and numbered) and there are hundered ways of caring it. As a little special the designer also made a fitting wrap skirt in the same tones as the rucksack.

Ordering via our e-mail.

Here some first pictures of the rucksack and the skirt:

Nudestekker Kimandra edition Rucksack in 4 different colours (Blue/grey, blue, yellow, pink).
Price: 170CHF / 140€ / 190$.

Long wrap skirt in the fitting colour tones. Cotton, tailored.
Price: 80CHF / 63€ / 90$.

Combo price (when both things purchased together): 210CHF / 173€ / 235$.


Olviya said...

nice summer-bag!

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

Thanks, we love it too, that designer makes amazing things!