Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cashmere Heaven

Nowadays it is really difficult to find high-quality cashmere with the mass production that started in the 90's. It is possible to find an affordable cashmere sweater at COS, Zara or one of the other retailers. But if you are looking for a sweater that doesn't look worn out and fuzzy after a short time, it will take a much bigger investment. We now got the chance to get a hold of numerous high-end cashmere sweaters that most come from traditional italian or scottish cashmere producers. In addition to the amazing quality they have a classical cut and colour, so therefore are the perfect timeless piece. With proper care they can hold for a lifetime! I would say one of the many cases second-hand can be a better option then buying something new...

Have a look at the sweaters on our shop here.

Our beautiful friend Lisa wearing the comfy sweaters. #4 Turtle neck cashmere sweater in a light beige. #1 Beige cashmere sweater with ribbed edges.

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Coiffeur Zürich said...

klasese, ich liebe cashmere am aller liebsten, dass ist so ein toller Stoff, es sollte viel mehr mode mit cashmere geben, ich würde alles tragen :-)