Friday, March 29, 2013

Once More The River Will Flow

We finally had the chance to do an editorial with Pascal, a close friend and great photographer. The idea was to just take some portraits of Sara and getting inspired by the colours of the charming apartment. The clothes all come from a unique clothing collection, dating back to the 70's and ending in the late 90's - covering almost all the high end brands that come into ones mind, haute couture and tailor made pieces. The carefully chosen pieces are of an extraordinary quality and where collected with a lot of care and love. We will put the pieces from the editorial up for sale on the Kimandra Online Shop by end of next week, but will also have a special sale with a part of the collection on april 20/21/22 in Zurich - so save the date! For now, here is the editorial Once More The River Will Flow. 

Photographer: Pascal Grob
Styling: Andrea Serrano
Model: Sara Gasser

1 comment:

Matthew Brooks said...

love the interaction between the apartment space and the styling. as usual, Pascal's photography is great too.